The fastest way to learn english in Mongolia.

Description: Talk Talk English uses an innovative and unique language training system that genuinely improves people's ability to speak and understand English. The realistic, fast-paced lessons will get you speaking English confidently and accurately in the shortest possible time. * At Talk Talk English, 100% of all class time is devoted to speaking and listening practice. The teaching method is based on a system of both continuous verbal question and answer as well as structured speaking and listening activities. Unlike many other English programs, they do not waste time with complicated and ineffective grammar drills - they focus on realistic language functions that help you learn English in a natural and intuitive way. * Their program is carefully structured to progressively build vocabulary and language competency - at the completion of the program, a student will have command of approximately 3500 words, as well as numerous practical language functions. * At Talk Talk English, all of the classes have a maximum of 11 students. These small classes and our unique method maximize students' speaking time. At Talk Talk English, each student spends far more time speaking per lesson than in almost any other English program. * All of the classes are taught by professional, native English speakers with clear accents. Their teachers conduct lessons at a normal speaking speed, which gives our students the ability to understand and speak fast-paced, genuine English. Their teachers also will help improve your accent and pronunciation, and get you speaking English clearly and confidently. * They provide complete translations of all their vocabulary words, and all of their courses are supported with audio CDs for home study. Their teaching materials use modern English and are updated regularly. Their system uses both American and British English.

Contacts: Talk Talk English Sukhbaatar District (Next to the Mongolian National University Nr.4) Ulaanbaatar Mongolia E-mail:    Telephone:     + 976 0135135, 70135134, and mobiles 99180029, 94135134. Website:


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