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Description: SANTIS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (SES) opened its doors in January 1999. It is a Mongolian and American joint venture company owned by Orgilmaa Doloonjin and Edward Nef, the majority owner who also owns the Santis Corporation, in the Washington, DC USA area, which operates as the Inlingua Language Service Centers. SES reflects the same programs and high standards as the Inlingua Centers do, and SES has available to it all the resources of the schools in Washington DC. SES very quickly established itself as a school of quality in Mongolia, setting up a state-of-the-art computer center, using native speakers in its classes, and  never having  more than ten people to a class. The latest books and materials are used and already the list of SES clients in Mongolia is impressive. It is located in the center of Ulaanbaatar, and has 7 modern classrooms including a 10-computer laboratory on site. It also has available additional space in the building, and it sends many teachers to on-site locations. It has offered other courses as well; for example, Mr. Harry Obst, an employee of the Santis Corporation, recently came to UB to provide interpreter training here. He is a world class interpreter who has worked for seven US presidents. In the Washington DC area, Inlingua has taught over 80 languages, and it is the primary contractor for language services to the US Government in that area. It has trained students in all varieties of specialized English courses (in other languages as well). SES has been providing on-site courses in Mongolia for companies and organizations such as the United States Peace Corps, VSO, UNDP (Enterprise Restructuring Project for 10 manufacturing companies), Mercy Corps (a USAID project), World Bank representative office in Ulaanbaatar, Petroleum Authority, Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia and Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, to name a few. Through all of this we have a great deal of experience in arranging and conducting courses in the school and on-site. In order to provide quality training in Mongolia, SES has known from the beginning that the utilization of quality textbooks had to be incorporated into our plan. To achieve this, SES has all books sent directly here from the United States. We utilize award winning books such as the Spectrum Series, Exploring English, and Focus on Grammar. We are proud to be one of the few schools that provides a new book to each of our students during the course. In addition to the core texts used by the teacher, SES has a full ESL library which teachers may draw upon to supplement their courses. Cassette tapes to help the student to master his/her communication skills accompany all of our textbooks.

Contacts: Santis Educational Services PO BOX 1174 Ulaanbaatar 210613 Mongolia Sukhbaatar District Unen Newspaper Building Amar Street-2 East Entrance, 5th Floor . Email:     santis@magicnet.mn; info@santis.mn Tel/fax:     976-11-326 373,976-11-318313 Mobile:     9911 8765 Website: http://www.santis.mn/files/method.htm


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