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Description: Our company Homin Holding is one of the top 8 enterprises in Mongolia, leading the trading sector, especially retail. We have successful subsidiaries in manufacturing, servicing and financial sectors. Over the years, Nomin Holding has continuously grown to a well-known and accepted brand in Mongolia. In trading business, our subsidiary companies Nomin Electronics, Nomin Fashion, Nomin Home Style, Nomin Motors and Nomin Foods have solid business relationships with European and Asian companies to import and sell worldwide recognized high-quality brands. Imported goods are distributed as wholesale to partners and stores throughout Mongolia from Nomin Warehouse in Ulaanbaatar. Nomin's Retail and Distribution Division distributes imported goods in retail through our own channels, which consists currently of 2 departments stores and 9 supermarkets in Ulaanbaatar, and stores in strategically important cities and provinces Darkhan, Erdenet, Dornod and Khovd. In manufacturing business, Nomin Holding gained a strong position in construction sector with Nomin Construction, Nomin Standard and IsoHaus. Erdenet Carpet is the market leader in carpet sector with more than 60% market share and continuously increasing exports. Nomin Holding holds also shares in Erdenet Carpet's competitor company Ulaanbaatar Carpet. Financial business with Nomin Card, Nomin Insurance and Nomin Realtor are also well presented in the Mongolian market. Nomin Card has nearly 100,000 bonus card holders, which is one of the top results in comparable direction of Loyalty Cards. Nomin Insurance and Nomin Realtor are widely accepted and welcomed by people wanting to improve their life standards by travelling abroad or acquiring real estate. Nomin Holding continuously develops and implements new projects, striving to be a pioneer and discover new market niches. So, "Sukhbaatar" from Huvsgul Ferry Cruise is the only ship in Mongolia to show the beauty of Huvsgul Lake to tourists and travelers. Huvsgul Lake is well known as the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Residents of Nomin Tenger in Ulaanbaatar can take advantage of being in the capital city and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature in the protected areas of Bogd Khan Hills. Nomin Holding's milestones and short company introductions are enclosed in Attachment 1 and 2. For financial information, Balance sheets and Income Statements for 2007 and 2008 are shown in the Attachments 3 and 4. Legally, following companies are officially registered as Listed Companies: Nomin Card NBFI, Nomin Insurance, Nomin Construction, Nomin Standard, Nomin Trading and Nomin Holding. The organizational chart of Nomin Holding's legal structure is shown in Attachment 5. Nomin Holding's management structure differs from it's legal structure in the way, that companies a primarily divided to the type of business they represent. So, all companies are grouped to the main businesses Trading, Finance, Manufacturing and others. The management structure is shown in Attachment 6. All businesses are supported by functional departments such as HR, Internal Audit, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Legal, Policy Regulation Unit, IT, Technical Service and Transport Service. Nomin Holding is well aware of its social and environmental responsibility. Over the years, Nomin Holding has grown to one of the leading companies with more than 2,700 employees. Our company is not only one of the best tax payers, but we also deliberately organize and support activities, which deal with environment protection, saving of natural resources and human resources development.

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