The newest cashmere factory in Ulaanbaatar

Description: Blue Sky Cashmere Company is Mongolia’s newest and most advanced cashmere factory. Following the successful installation of all equipment it will be Mongolia’s largest and most diverse factory. The equipment has been sourced world-wide to provide the most technologically advanced range of machines available and in fact there are many machines that have never even been seen in Mongolia before. This will do so much to enhance the reputation of cashmere products from Mongolia. The knitting department is fully operational and we have successfully delivered to top brands in The United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Check, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. The reaction to our quality is one of almost disbelieve as customers cannot believe that our products are actually made in Mongolia. We have avoided the mass market of low to medium quality which is already saturated with Mongolian and Chinese companies where the only important factor is price. Our company was established to produce the finest quality possible to compete at the top end of the market with the Italians and Scots, the traditional market leaders. In addition to installing the best available equipment the company has recruited expert technicians and engineers from Italy, Scotland, Belgium and Mauritius who work full time at the factory in every process department. Anyone who has visited our International Cashmere shops in the city centre will have witnessed not only our superior quality but the trendy edginess of our designs. This comes from our collaboration with the top design studios of Italy and the United Kingdom who work with Loius Vutton, Zegna, Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Barbour and Dunhill. We have become the favourite haunt of the large ex-pat community who are extremely worldly and want to have high quality, high fashion garments which they can wear anywhere in the world with pride and confidence. The major complaint from the ex-pats has been the old fashioned ethnic look that only works inside Mongolia but they feel now that we are giving a cutting edge look which can be worn even in the fashion cities of Paris, Milan, London and New York. We recognize that our prices are much higher than that of the other Mongolian factories but in essence we are not in competition with the domestic processors as the product is not comparable. We offer another dimension through our quality and design to provide the Mongolian public with an opportunity to purchase garments that would normally only be seen in the fashion spots as mentioned in the previous paragraph. We are increasing the number of shops that we have in order to give the general public the opportunity to purchase a unique high quality, high fashion product made in Mongolia.

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