March 31, 2011 on: Political

As an effort to reduce the negative impacts of pollution in Ulaanbaatar city, the mayor's office has unveiled a set of drastic measures to transform the city.

The city centre of Ulaanbaatar will be entirely pedestrianised, as is common in many other cities and more excitingly, all currently registered citizens of Ulaanbaatar will be given free Segways to go about their business around town. Only some very VIP government entities as well as public transport will now be allowed to use the roads. This measure will reduce pollution by banning cars from the city centre, will improve's people's health as they are forced to walk between home, work and their various daily destinations and more importantly will allow for a much more attractive, safe and pleasant urban landscape. In addition to all the above mentioned benefit, the Mongolian middle class populations who currently live in the city center will see increased property prices as people want to live as close to their place of work as possible. Location, location, location... Ever since the untimely death of Jimi Heselden, owner of Segway, as he drove a Segway over a cliff, the company has seen plummeting levels of global sales. This is a wonderful opportunity for both Segway and Ulaanbaatar to conduct a Segway experiment on a grand scale and prove that despite its obvious shortcomings, the Segway is a viable transport alternative. Segways have already been test piloted in Mongolia by the Police force who declared that "while it is certainly difficult to catch a crook with a Segway, what with the crook's ability to jump over small walls and all, it is less tiring and lots cooler to be on a Segway to do traffic duties." The Segways will also be available for rent in various places around the city and be available for purchase by foreigners and visitors. The city centre will start to be closed off from the 1st of September and will be completely shut-off on the 1st of October 2011. Nearly a million Segways have been ordered and are currently on their way. Free training lessons will be given to all people who may need them.  

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