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Christopher de Gruben, Managing Partner of M.A.D. Investment Solutions in Mongolia has today publicly announced that the company has signed purchase orders for three A380 double decker jumbo jets.

This statement ends months of speculations concerning the plans of the company for its entry into this already competitive sector. 

The A380, developed by Airbus Industries is the world's largest plane currently flown by over 12 of the world's leading airlines. M.A.D. will be the first airline to fly those planes in a single premium class configuration. Mr. Baguette et Beret, Chief Representative of Extraordinary Projects at Airbus said: "we admire the visionary spirit of M.A.D., they have realised that there truly exists an ultra premium market for exotic destinations and that Mongolia is yet again poised for world domination. They also have the temerity of pushing technological advancements to their limit by ordering the first and only commercial pilot-less planes in the world".

Mr. Joachim Bertot, Chief Architect in Charge of Shiny Stuff and Cool Gadgets commented on the interior design of the planes. "We actually have come up with a completely unique and exciting concept for the private suites within the jets, we will make them uniquely Mongolian by putting smaller versions of gers, the traditional nomadic habitat, on both decks." The gers, round felt tents, will be installed on two rows with each ger comprising of a large double bed, a fully functioning stove, khazak tentures on the walls and a small shrine for those that may be concerned about the safety of the planes.

"We still have some issues that we are working through with Airbus. For instance we are not sure how we are going to integrate the stoves in the designs of the planes but we are confident that a solution will be found shortly" further commented Mr. Bertot. "We also have to make sure that the doors of the ger always face south as is traditional here in Mongolia but that could make navigation tricky so instead we might place the gers on rotating platforms". 

Uyanga Tsoggerel, Chief Political Relations Officer of the company further announced that "we are excited to be able to reveal the initial destinations for our new airline. We will fly to three brand new destinations for the Mongolian market, namely Pyongyang (North Korea), Timbuktu (Mali) and Utopia (Belgistan). Our market research indicates that those are the top destinations currently in demand.  

M.A.D. hired Nonsense Incorporated, a well known global market research firm to carry out its market studies in Mongolia. NS Inc. sent over 300 consultants who spend a grueling winter in the Steppes of Mongolia polling every man, women and child (and sometimes animal) in the country about their luxury travel requirements over the coming 5 years. The responses have been overwhelming: the ger is clearly the best habitat out there and Mongolians want to travel to the furthest reaches of the world, "They have already been to the middle east, most of asia and even Europe over the past millenium and now want to explore something new" commented Mr. Nulettropcherix, who headed the Nonsense mission in Mongolia. 

"In term of pricing, we have decided that each round trip ticket will cost 50,000 USD. Since Mongolia's politicians have repeatedly announced that all Mongolians will very soon be extremely rich, we expect strong demand for tickets and are absolutely not worried about demand" commented Mr. de Gruben. 

Skyteam, the global alliance of Airlines which includes Air France, Korean Air and Aeroflot is thought to be courting the new airline to join its alliance but Mrs Tsoggerel mentioned over a recent interview that "while Skyteam truly offers some great advantages, we are rather looking at starting a new and stronger alliance along with Koryo Air from North Korea and Chad Airlines."

The M.A.D. A380's will be delivered to Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar in summer of 2013 and will start flying to all three destinations daily. While the airport is not currently capable of flying the A380, it is thought that emergency changes will be made to accommodate the new planes. 

M.A.D. Is furthermore rumoured to be in initial discussions with Mr. Branson regarding a take over of his Virgin space orbiter program so that it may be diverted towards more lucrative ventures such as the search for ET.

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