July 1, 2012 on: Political

At 12.00 am on Sunday, the Election Commission of City (ECC) revealed an official preliminary result of the election of the Citizens' Representative Khural run by the proportional system.

The ECC says that the Democratic Party (DP) won at 20 constituencies, and the Mongolian People's Party (MPP)--at 10 constituencies. 517 thousand and 417 citizens cast their ballots in the election. The preliminary result show that the Democratic Party (DP) took votes of 35.53%; the Mongolian People's Party (MPP)--26.15%; the "Justice" joint coalition of Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party and National Democratic Party--22.77%; the Civil Will-Green Party--8.02%; the "Third Force" joint coalition of Republican Party and the All-Mongolian Labor Party--2.53%; the Conservative United Party--2%; the Motherland Party--0.52%; the Civil Movement Party--0.91%; the United Party of Patriots--0.46%; and the Mongolian Social Democratic Party--0.21%. As the proportional results, the DP captured six seats, the MPP--four seats, "Justice"--four seats and the Civil Will-Green Party--one seat. By the overall results, the DP won 26 seats, the MPP--14 seats, the "Justice" coalition--four seats and the Civil Will-Green Party--one seat. In the first constituency, D.Baidrag (DP) took the most votes, or 41.39%; in the second constituency, B.Tuvshin (DP)--44.02%; in the third constituency, Ts.Buyandalai (DP)--36.71%; in the fourth constituency, B.Enkh-Amgalan (MPP)--33.85%; in the fifth constituency, Ts.Sandag-Ochir (MPP)--45.07%; in the sixth constituency, S.Amarsaikhan (MPP)--55.97%; in the seventh constituency, G.Ganbayar (MPP)--37.12%; in the eighth constituency, Ts.Enkhtsengel (DP)--32.48%; in the ninth constituency, S.Unen (DP)--35.46%; in the tenth constituency, B.Otgonbayar (DP)--34.05%; in the 11th constituency, J.Amarsanaa (DP)--38.15%; in the 12th constituency, B.Tomorchuluun (MPP)--33.99%; in the 13th constituency, B.Bayarmagnai (MPP)--34.9%; in the 14th constituency, D.Badarsan (DP)--36.36%; in the 15th constituency, G.Tomorbaatar (MPP)--35.6%; in the 16th constituency, S.Ochirbat (DP)--34.38%; in the 17th constituency, D.Ganbold (MPP)--32.19%; in the 18th constituency, T.Bat-Erdene (DP)--32.45%; in 19th constituency, Ts.Baatarkhuu (DP)--31.03%; in the 20th constituency, L.Naranbaatar (DP)--31.84%; in 21st constituency, L.Narantuya (DP)--37.04%; in the 22nd constituency, D.Orosoo (DP)--38.46%; in the 23rd constituency, Ts.Odontungalag (DP)--39.38%; in 24th constituency, Ts.Altantsetseg (DP)--35.71%; in the 25th constituency, D.Avirmed (MPP)--27.99%; in the 26th constituency, R.Dagva (MPP)--32.86%; in the 27th constituency, L.Saintogs (DP)--29.42%; in the 28th constituency, Sh.Odgerel (DP)--30.10%; in the 29th constituency, T.Boldbaatar (DP)--33.06%; and in the 30th constituency, D.Enkhsaikhan (DP)--32.18%.


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