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Today's Mongolia is emerging from the global commodity crisis stronger than ever. Its economy is rapidly becoming one of the best performing in the world thanks to its vast deposits of natural resources which in turns leads to renewed investments in secondary industries such as the Ulaanbaatar real estate, cashmere, agriculture and stock exchange markets. Mongolia is politically stable, investment friendly and strategically positioned, thus presenting renewed and exciting opportunities for ground floor investments in its future.

Mongolia Property Investment

The M.A.D. Investment Solutions team is all about making the most out of the changes currently taking place in Mongolia. We are dedicated to making a difference to the development of Mongolia's business environment by promoting responsible real estate investments.

Our small team of expats and Mongolians have been working for the past 6 years in a wide variety of fields such as property, communication and consulting within Mongolia. Beyond our specific fields of expertise, we are all madly passionate about Mongolia and its future, we constantly take a real stake in the city as well as the country and engage with the local businesses as much as possible.

We have been investing personally in Ulaanbaatar for over a decade and today we place our unique set of knowledge and skills to the benefit of our clients and investors.

M.A.D. Investment Solutions prides itself on being able to offer clients a wide range of dedicated services based on the principles of transparency and fairness.

We operate on a flat-fee structure instead of commissions which we believe pose a conflict of interest towards our clients. Our range of services are tailored around the very specific needs and requirements of foreign investors seeking to gain real exposure to Mongolia while minimising the risks.

Real Estate Mongolia

Real Estate

A range of turn-key services to facilitate direct investment in Mongolia’s Real Estate market, including origination and sourcing, transaction assistance, renovation, construction, relocation rental and sales and property management.

Market Research in Ulaanbaatar

Market Research

Research Squared is a leading provider in Real Estate market research with a range of both on-the-shelve as well as custom made reports in addition to dedicated services such as due diligence, valuations, advisory and consulting.

Business Advisory in Ulaanbaatar

Rentals & Sales

A selection of some of the best properties that Ulaanbaatar has to offer both in terms of rental as well as some good investment properties. We also provide dedicated search services according to specific client requirements.

Ulaanbaatar Real Estate Agency As one of the primary brokers focused on central Ulaanbaatar, we strive to offer the best possible rental and sales properties currently available on the market. For ease of use and understanding we have created dedicated websites for our property listings. We offer the traditional long term rentals and sales services as well as short-term serviced apartment rentals. Please see below the link to the two websites dedicated to our Real Estate Agency operations.

The strategy of M.A.D. Investment Solutions is based around the dissemination of reliable information in an otherwise opaque market.

We are constantly trying to add and improve our centralised collection of Mongolia resources by adding new features and databases. We furthermore have a comprehensive understanding of many aspects of doing business in Mongolia as well as expert knowledge in certain sectors that we are always happy to explore with our Clients.

Ulaanbaatar Directory

Ulaanbaatar Directory

A corporate directory of companies and institutions with a presence or operations in Ulaanbaatar.

Market Research

Investment Resources

A vast collection of resources dedicated to helping foreign investors better understand the Mongolian environment.

Business Advisory

Download Center

Downloadable documents of all kinds and from all sources that we find useful, insightful and well written about Mongolia.

M.A.D. TV is a collection of the most relevant, up to date, english language news and features concerning Mongolia. It includes our own productions, presentations and interviews but also those videos from external sources that we believe are relevant to the future growth of Mongolia and its investment environment.

A look at how the South Gobi of Mongolia is being impacted by the mining boom currently take place in the region. A lack of infrastructure, corruption and general mismanagement threatens the development of the country and might result in a considerable ecological damage to both local herders and the nature near the mine sites. The video takes us through Dalanzadgad and explores its growth as an important administrative hub as well as to Khan Bogd, the gates to the Oyu Tolgoi mine site.

UB Rising

An interactive journey through Ulaanbaatar, exploring the various challenges and opportunities being faced on a daily basis by its citizens along with their dreams and aspirations.

What Now UB?

This video is an in-depth look at the current state of the road, sewer, water and electrical infrastructure supporting Ulaanbaatar

The Mongolian Real Estate market

A brief overview of the current state of the Mongolian Real Estate market, with an exploration of its demand and supply factors as well as challenges and opportunities faced by foreign investors.

M.A.D. Investment Solutions is delighted to announce the launch of the 2015 Mongolian Real Estate Report, focused exclusively on unlocking the full investment potential of the dynamic Mongolian Property Market.

Real Estate Report The Mongolian Real Estate Report 2015 is the third edition of the first truly comprehensive, unbiased, in-depth market report on Mongolia’s Property market. Based on over 7,000 transaction records, it sheds a powerful light of the true state of Ulaanbaatar property market, sector by sector and asset class by asset class. The report also explores a wide number of 2nd tier cities and uncovers the best investment opportunities of the moment. Beyond simply portraying vast amounts of data in a concise manner, the Mongolian Property Report 2015 includes in-depth analysis and interpretation of the market by dedicated and seasoned real estate specialists based in Mongolia which allows investors to truly understand the scope, challenges and opportunities in an otherwise opaque and complicated market.

In addition to which, the report contains all the essential information needed by investors to make an effective play on the market, with its detailed how-to guides, its extensive directories and its sample agreement, the report is an essential tool for any investor looking at the Mongolian Property Market, regardless of size and scope.

Real Estate Ulaanbaatar

M.A.D. manages a range of fully equipped and furnished serviced apartments in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, available for rent from 7 days to 6 months.

The apartments range in size from studios to 3 bedroom executive apartments. All our properties come with a fully equipped kitchen, high speed Wi-Fi internet, cable TV, washing machines as well as towels and bedding. Please visit our dedicated short term apartments website for more information on the properties themselves and our associated services.

The M.A.D. Newsletter is a collection of market analysis, best investment opportunities, pivotal new articles as well as updates on the company itself.

It is sent quarterly and recipients can opt-out at any time - absolutely no spam - ever.

Real Estate Newsletter
Real Estate Mongolia

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